Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm home!

Its been almost a week since my last day of work, and I am finally getting a chance to blog! I thought I would be back at it every day, but life has gotten in the way! I am slowly getting into a routine of doing things. The other thing that has interrupted my time at home is that we have adopted a dog. I said I would never, ever have a dog, but it seems I am going through some sort of a midlife crisis. First it was a tattoo, and now a dog. What can I say! LOL

My tattoo - which is from my favorite Bible verse

 photo 4fc72680-4a4b-46cb-8429-036a28ffaafb_zps1775b5bb.jpg

And our newest family Member - Lici

 photo 101cb140-982e-4b61-8965-e0d798b68212_zpse27b58f3.jpg

I am hoping that next week I can be back to daily blogging and blog hopping, and most of all, back to knitting/crocheting away!!


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