Sunday, September 15, 2013

Its time!

Monday Sept, 30th, is the day I start back on the healthy diet with the right supplements can help you lose weight"" bandwagon! It will be my first day of not working, and a great time to start!

My friend will be getting her inlaws gym equipment so that will be part of our fitness routine, which will save us each on our gym membership that we are going to cancel. We will be incorporating P90X as well. Hopefully she is up to the workouts, with her healing up from gall bladder surgery.

I have my order in for my supplements, just need to keep all of the non healthy snacks out of the house, and keep lots of fruits and veggies in the house. This may be the motivation my hubby needs as well. He can get back to a healthy weight and into shape. We both have to look good when we go to Trent's graduation from basic and AIT school in 5 months! Then its off to a romantic get a way long weekend for our anniversary in March!

I will have to work on the tan as well! So looking forward to having all the time to do this once I am done working! This past two years of working, has been hard on me. All of the stationary positions, didn't now help in the weight loss journey. Hopefully it won't take two years to take off the weight I put on in that time! I have 5 months to be where I want to be and then go into maintenance mode!

Wish me luck!


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