Sunday, March 4, 2012

HGTV and A & E

I am hooked on these channels! Love watching all the home improvement shows, and getting lots of ideas, and its starting to make John a little nervous! I don't see us putting the house up for sale anytime soon, with the way the economy still is, so I want to do some work on the house!

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two main rooms I want to fix up. The kitchen I want to get new counter tops, and do something with the cupboards (new if possible, but not sure if my budget will allow it). I am still pushing for the island, so hopefully this year we can get it done! The bathroom, we need to fix the wall so I can get the painting done. John would like to do some tile work, so we shall see if we can get it done. Then the decor I bought months ago can finally be put up!!

A & E, has me hooked on Storage Wars. You just never know what they are going to find in those metal buildings! The one just now, Barry found a creepy, weird head that could have netted him a hefty profit, but he kept the crazy thing! Me, I would have sold it on the spot! $6k would go a long ways in my life!

I have a little more time left of watching A & E, then its off to watch Fairy Tales & Zombies! Love my lazy Sunday routine!

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