Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Don't agree...


The other night John and I were reading a devotion together, and the topic was "Romance". The guy in the story was saying how his wife was upset by how he went about getting these flowers for her. He would stop at this flower stand (well, this guy was selling flowers out of the back of his car), and pick up flowers for his wife. Now granted he didn't spend alot, and that may be because they were just starting out, and didn't have much money; but that was just my thought on that.

She wasn't appreciative of the thought behind his motive. She told him he had to try harder. What!?!

Your husband stops on his way home, more than once, and gets you flowers and you are upset about this!?! Now there are times that I would kinds of like John to do something like this, as he tends to spend a little more than he should. He still hasn't got on the band wagon of using the Proflowers coupons that I have told him about before he purchases said flowers.

Of course John was a little stunned that I was in shock over the way the wife reacted, and thought for sure I would side with the wife. Nope! She was ungrateful.

Can't wait to read more about this couple through out this book of devotions.

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