Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And so it begins...

Our oldest moved back home this weekend. Well, last night; late last night. This started the oh so fun tension in the house already. He had all weekend to move his stuff in (outside of the big stuff, as he needed his friends dads truck and trailer), but waited until well after 7 last night to even start.

I have lost my nice, purple craft room for the time being. He wanted to repaint, but I said, “No!” As I know he won’t be here all that long, and then it will be my room again. This morning I was going to finish up some craft project, but the buttons I need are in that room, and he is still sleeping. Ugh!

I am noticing the unpleasant odor of cigarette smoke coming out of the room, and this irritates me! He knows there is no smoking allowed in the house, and while he respects that, the smoke smell still lingers on his clothing and seeps out into the hallway. He really needs to look into the best electronic cigarette, so he can once and for all kick this nasty habit of his!

I have the yummy smelling air fresheners going, so hopefully that will help. Once he gets up and leaves for the day, I a plan on going in there and spraying things down with some Febreeze (once I get some from the store).

For now, I am enjoying the quietness of the house and working on some Christmas projects.

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