Thursday, October 27, 2011

W.T.F. Meme (Thursday)

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Covering your cranky co-workers in tattoos and foil

1) Christmas is less than two months away. Have you already started shopping for Christmas gifts? I have, as well as started making gifts too!

2) Would you be offended if someone carved a pumpkin for Halloween in such a way so that it would resemble your face? nope, I would think they were rather clever!

3) How do you feel about people who get "fandom" tattoos (i.e. tattoos of musicians, TV shows, movies, etc)? I don't care for tattoos in general

4) It seems like Quick Response codes (a.k.a. QR codes), like the one to the right, are everywhere on products and ads these days. Do you ever actually scan them using your phone? nope, as I don't have a phone that scans

5) Connecticut lawmaker Rep. Tim Larson has proposed a national law saying that all Halloween trick-or-treating should be done on the last Saturday of October, regardless of what day Halloween falls on. What do you think of his idea? Should trick-or-treating be done on a specific day of the week each year or on the true holiday? I like this idea, as it would be much easier on the parents of smaller kids who then would be too hyped up to go to sleep, and then be very cranky the next day for school.

6) The head pastor of my church recently went out of town and forgot to lock his office, and when he returned, everything in his office had been covered in aluminum foil by his coworkers as a prank (that's really his office to the right). Have you ever been the butt of a prank, or pulled a prank on someone else? I have never been the butt of one, but have pulled some off in the past... one being we tp'd a co-workers car the night before he was to leave for the Navy. We had it completely covered, and even added a bow to it!

7) Speaking of coworkers, today (Oct. 27) is "Cranky Co-workers Day." How would you deal with an extremely cranky co-worker who was causing you stress? I just try to avoid them

8) The movie "Anonymous," which is coming out soon in U.S. movie theaters, poses the idea that William Shakespeare did not write his own plays and poetry. If you became a professional writer, would you use your own name or create a fake pen name? probably my real name, but being a writer is not my thing, so I guess I won't ever have to worry about this.

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