Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thirteen


Its Halloween time, so I am doing 13 things I like about this time of year.

1. Planning a fall get away. I have been looking into some rentals in Calgary so we could go on a fall color tour, but so far nothing has "popped" up being a great deal. I am going to still look, as I think going up to Canada during this time of year would be so pretty!

2. Trick or treaters





3. Candy corn and those pumpkin ones too

4. I can get out my fall decorations (I don't do Halloween stuff anymore)
Fall Decor Pictures, Images and Photos

5. I get to go through the candy my son brings home, to see if there is any I want that he doesn't like. (and yes my Junior still goes trick or treating... he says its because he has to help my friends boys... LOL)

6. Hayrides

7. Apple cider

8. Pumpkin patches

9. Halloween parties

10. Dressing up

11. Carving pumpkins

12. Roasting pumpkin seeds

13. I am still dreaming about the Calgary rentals as my hubby and I really need a get away soon! He's stressed, and I just want to get away!


  1. Halloween just isn't the same since the kids are too old for trick or treating. Also, living in an apartment building, we don't get kids at the door.
    I think I'll go buy me a bag of candy corn for myself lol
    Happy T13!

  2. I love this time of year too. Especially the candy they bring home.
    Great pics:)

  3. Love it! I've been doing Halloween themed stuff all week. Love this 13. Happy Thursday!

  4. I love the little Robin! He's a cutie!


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