Thursday, August 4, 2011

W.T.F. Meme (Thursday)

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Drawing eyebrows with a Sharpie and other crazy things

1) Daily deal websites (like Groupon, LivingSocial, Seize the Deal, and even the pet-oriented DoggyLoot) are all the rage right now. Have you bought anything from any of those deal websites? I have from groupon... gotta love getting great deals!

2) A former classmate of mine posted a Facebook status recently saying that she finally got her first "real world" job, to which I welcomed her to the hell of adulthood. She responded by saying, "Hell is being an adult and still having a part-time job at Old Navy!" How would you describe hell on earth? Having to endure any unnecessary pain my children would ever have to go through

Hello Kitty Full Size Backpack 12 x 16 in. - Hello Kitty School Supplies - Hello Kitty Pink Backpack3) Many people are doing their back-to-school shopping for their children or themselves right now. Did you have a favorite character/theme for your school supplies when you were in school? Or, do you like to have unique supplies (like the high heel shoe-shaped tape dispenser on my office desk) for your office/home today? I don't recall any specific character/theme I had to have. And I don't have anything cutesy on my desk.. but I really like that tape dispenser!

4) Speaking of office supplies, some people love using Sharpie markers to draw in eyebrows. What is your favorite use for a Sharpie? not a favorite use, but I use it to mark off the days on the calendar

5) Who is a celebrity you'd love to sit down and have a conversation with? My go to answer for this question is: Denzel Washington

6) I recently discovered a list of 100 "crazy" things you should do before you die. (Click here to read.) What is something you think everyone should do before they die? Go to Hawaii

7) What is the worst job in the world? Working at a fast food place

8) What television show's filming would you love to be in the audience watching? Right now most of the shows I watch are the reality shows, so I don't know if they have a studio audience...

9) Some people are annoyed when other people talk on cell phones while in line at a store. I discovered something even more annoying -- someone ahead of me paying for a case of beer with all pennies. When you've been behind someone in the checkout lane at a store, what is the most annoying thing a  person has done? cough/sneeze all over their hands and then use the debit machine thingy... so very gross/annoying!

10) I don't know if they really exist or not, but I heard a TV show talking about memory foam toilet seats. Do you think a toilet seat made from memory foam that shapes to your specific bottom sounds like a good idea? Uhhh, no... because there are more than just me who use the toilet in my house.... we would have a very distorted seat...


  1. Eww, I so didn't think about people who sneeze or cough then touch the card machine. I'll be thinking of that next time I go to the store. LOL

  2. There are so many crazy things that surround us. If all of those can speak what they feel about what people say to them, I bet people would have understand their presence and their existence in this world.


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