Friday, August 19, 2011

Long day

What a long day! I went to the lake to visit a friend and spent most of the time out on the boat. I got a little sun, so I am going to have to remember to put on lots of sunscreen for the tubing trip tomorrow. After the long drive home all I wanted to do was shower, eat dinner and then lounge for the night, but I forgot to get a few things for the said tubing trip.

So off to the store I went... and not looking all that great either. No make-up, hair looking oh so wonderful, but eh, who cares, I was just running in quick to get a few things and then back home to crash. Thanfully the barcode scanners didn't have any malfunctions so I didn't have to talk to anyone.

The one thing I wanted to grab was some ice, so my pop/water would be cold for tomorrow.... doh! Oh well, hopefully the long drive up north will be enough to get them cold. I am not going back out as I am ready to hit the hay!

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