Monday, July 18, 2011

Its going to be a HOT week

I am not ready for the hot weather this week. Yes going to the beach will be fun, but the thought of walking on that hot sand just makes me want to cringe! The air is on already (so not looking forward to the electric bill). I think I will be spending alot of time inside staying cool and learning about fluid technologies so I can try and figure out some things to get my board hooked up with facebook properly. Its going to take some work, but I will figure it out!

I am on the hunt for a cowboy hat for Trent, hopefully I can find one before he leaves tonight for camp for the week. Then it will be home to finish the laundry and get him all packed for his week of camp with Campus Life. This week will be strange with him gone, but also nice with it just being me and my hubby... it will be a precursor to what it will be like when we are empty nesters.

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