Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat wave

What a hot week we have had! Just a few more days they say and it should be over with. I sure hope so, I can handle the heat, its the humidity that is killing me! I did have a beef with that wonderful "mother nature", she sure knew how to ruin some plans we had for the last few days!

Yesterday a friend and I were headed to Holland to meet up with another friend and all the kiddos, to go to the beach. We should have known our plans wouldn't have happened, as it ALWAYS rains when we plan stuff. And ran it did! We headed there anyways, and had lunch with her and did some shopping. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as we left and headed back to GR it cleared up and was back to the hot, sunny weather!

Today, it was overcast yet again, and foiled plans my hubby I had for the day. He was going to try and teach me to golf. Oh well, we will have to wait for another day. We did some shopping of our own, and dropped a pretty penny; yikes! It never fails, when he goes shopping we spend way too much!

Tomorrow the weathermen are predicting some severe weather. Times like this I would like to have one of those underground storm shelters! This same storm front that is coming through, Trent will be coming home from camp, which is in Maryland; so I will be stressed out! Can you guess what I am going to type next? Yep, plans have been foiled once again, as I wanted to go for a nice drive after church tomorrow, but not with the storms coming in!

Not sure when we will get another chance to have a kid free week, but this one has been nice, well outside of the weather!

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  1. sorry to hear about your plans falling through....I know this all to well so i feel your pain! I get to the point when I FINALLY have a day off it never goes well so I feel better when I work my butt of sadly;)


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