Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I didn't have alot of time to do much this morning with Trent having a half day. I had a coupon for a free hair color kit, so I grabbed that last night when I ran out to the store to get another box fan, as our attic fan in out of commission right now. So I colored my hair (got to hid the grays ya know!) I am back to being a red head. After this was done, I have a few minutes before I had to head back to school, I finished reading "Night Road" by Kristen Hannah, good book! Dropped this off at the library and headed for school.

Trent was chomping at the bits, as he hadn't heard back from his brother and was annoyed thinking that he was being blown off. Thankfully that wasn't the case, I ended up having to take him over there, then it was off to the hospital to Willow sit for my friend Donna. She wanted to go to her son's 5th grade promotion ceremony, but didn't want to leave her daughter for that long of time, so I said I would be glad to get in some cuddle time with Willow!

Still dealing with female problems, and stressed out enough to take another PG test. Its still saying negative, whew! Hubby sent me a text saying that he was kinda hoping for a new bundle of joy... NOT! I then emailed him a link to these Paper Culture birth announcements, saying wouldn't it be funny to send out a pre-preggo announcement as a joke. But then again, it wouldn't be too funny to his mom. They have some cute announcements, that I would have loved to have done when I had the boys. Oh well. I will be sure to share this link with a few of my friends who are preggo right now.

For dinner I made some homemade waffles and sausage, and they were yummy! I am now just vegging for the night, waiting for my hubby to leave for band practice so I can enjoy an empty house for a bit until Trent gets back home. If it weren't so hot, I would go soak in a nice hot, bubble bath, but alas, the muggy day vetos the bath. So I am going to watch "Fried Green Tomatoes".

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