Sunday, May 22, 2011

Plugs that don't work...

While trying to get lunch/dinner going once I we got home from church, Trent was trying to get the laptop to fire up, and I was browsing the net on the desktop. The laptop wouldn't power up, so hate when the cord acts up, then right when that was going on I was getting ready to click on a triton link and the screen goes black with a vga cable not working (or something like that) statement on the screen.

Hubby got home and got the desktop back up and running, and Trent got the laptop to work, but only with the battery. I finished up dinner, and would try and figure out the power cord later.

So now that its "later", I had to give up my favorite spot to sit in the livingroom, my chaise, and moved all my stuff to the couch. And lo' and behold, the laptop fired up with the power cord. I put the battery back in to get it to a full charge, for just in case the cord acts up again.

Now, I am waiting to see if I get a message back from a friend to see if I will be going up to visit her for a bit today.

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