Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday ramblings

The day started with my usual taking T to school, then off to the grocery store. I showered then headed off to redeem my gift certificate for Mother's Day ~ a massage. It was heavenly! She worked wonders on my sore shoulder, but unfortunately, it didn't last, the dull ache is back. I so hope I didn't do anything to it while working out.

I had about an hour or so before I had to pick up Trent and didn't want to go home, to just have to turn around and head so I stopped at Pages in Time ~ I haven't been in there for a long time, so it was nice to just browse. Then it was off to the library.

Once home I chatted with my hubby via text messaging and they (he and his boss) are back to possibly looking at steel buildings to relocate. They are running out of room in the shop. It would be really, really nice if they could move a little closer to us, so we don't have to move, and to save some of the drive time for J.

I cheated on dinner and ordered a pizza, then it was off to church for our craft night. I started on a new project, some flip flop socks. Now I'm home finishing up some computer work, then I am heading to bed.

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