Sunday, March 27, 2011

When will they get the hint?

I closed my daycare last August, and have notified every agency that I was tied in with that I have closed, but I still get phone calls for either parent's looking for a daycare or business' trying to sell me something.

Today, on a Sunday no less, I got another phone call, this time someone trying to sell me preschool playground equipment. They are getting smarter (I think) and are using cell phones. If it comes up as a business number I don't usually answer, but this one came up as a cell phone on the caller ID, so I answered. I told them that I no longer do daycare, and usually that ends the call, but they still tried to get me to buy their stuff. Really?!! Dude, I don't do daycare, and I don't have preschool age children of my own, so I have no need for this stuff. I finally had to be a little rude and told them NO and hung up.

I guess, I will have to go back to just letting any calls that I don't recognize, go right to voice mail and just screen them later.

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