Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow day

Its spring and yet we got the call to "go back to bed" from the school. Northview closed the schools due to the ice we got over night. So as soon as John left for work, I went back to bed for a few more hours! This was much needed as I didn't get much sleep due to the thunder, sleet and my hubby's snoring.

I did venture out, as I so needed my Rip It, and Trent wanted lunch. The roads weren't bad at all, but I did have to let the car warm up for a while to melt off all of the ice. I should have took a picture, as the front of the car had these ice pellets stuck to it that looked like little styrofoam balls. Too funny!

Trent and I spent the day watching the final season of "That 70's Show" on Netflix. I should have been doing some research on brother printers, as I need to find a new printer. I may just have to save that for tomorrow when he is back in school and my partner in crime will be watching kids all day. I have other stuff to look up as well, so that will be how my day goes unless I go to the gym.

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