Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday night boredom

Not much going on here tonight. The guys are all off in seperate areas of the house, so I have had complete control of the remote. Its been nice, I watched the ending of Dirty Dancing and now am watching the last of "P.S. I Love You" that I recorded last week. I am thinking that at the end of this movie, I may go take a hot bath and read for a bit, then maybe do some knitting.

The weather guy has predicted another yucky winter storm for tomorrow. I hope not, as I have been liking the little warm up we have been having and seeing the grass. I do know that its only February, but dang, its been nice! This warm up has put our girls weekend in Chicago that much closer!

I need to get out my whip and start cracking it, as John keeps whining about needing to get back into exercising, but he doesn't actually do it. So the "whip cracking" is on! He had better watch out!

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