Saturday, February 19, 2011


In a rambling mood. I got my baking done this morning, but put off making the bread. I was just too pooped, and kind of tired of of being in the kitchen. So during my break from the kitchen I went and delivered a prize package and some goodies, visited for a bit, then back home as I forgot my wallet... again!

I started dinner, mahi mahi, taters, corn and rolls, then on to browsing the web for some ideas and just plain olde fun. Searching for the best vitamins and such. Like what's the best creatine. I should check to see if this is a product is available in some form at Herbalife. I am beginning to become obsessed with all this healthy stuff.

I have some reading to finish up, as the book needs to be back to the library on Monday, so I should get off the computer and get to it.... but you know me, I will stay right here and continue to multitask.

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